For your Home

Weekly Delivery: Choose 2 proteins, 2 vegetable sides and 1 grain or soup to be prepared and delivered to your home to reheat and eat at your leisure 

(starting at $35/person)

Pregnancy & New Baby Meals: With so many changes happening in a household at least you can count on a well stocked fridge. Have meals catered to your current dietary needs (more calcium, more protein, more iron?) Order for yourself or send as a gift to the newest parents in town!

(starting at $35/person)

Dinner for a Crowd: Host a dinner without doing the cooking - it could be just a nice dinner with your family or a small gathering of friends.

(starting at $25/person)


For your office

Staff Meal: Fresh, healthy and well-rounded meals dropped off to your office just in time for breakfast or lunch.

(starting at $18/person)

Meeting Goodies: Platters of delicious bites designed just for your meeting - afternoons may call for some sweets, lunch meetings seasonal sandwiches and salads.

(starting at $12/person)

for your parties & special events 

Throw a Party: Specializing in a meal to fit your event, crowd, desires and vision.  That's what we are all about. Have the meal you're dreaming of delivered & set-up and watch the party unfold.

(starting at $16/person)